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Let the Power of Archangel Raphael heal your body, mind, and spirit.

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Wow this is so amazing! I didn't feel Raphael at first but then bam. I feel the atmosphere changed to higher energy and love and healing and warm in on area. I feel like Raphael was pushing down my right knee bc I felt and heard AA Raphael put his hands there and I feel like its harder to lift that leg compared to the other one.ill never be the same again spiritually and realistically.


Thank you for this beautiful meditation. This is just what I needed at this time of my life. It brings me great peace and a feeling of higher connection. 

Beth Ferrell

I love this meditation thank you so much Jasmine and thank you to archangel Raphael I feel like I've had a massive weight lifted off my shoulders and I felt my energy change.. I've not felt this good in a long time


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